A wild life officer from Panama City Beach, Florida, decided to give the kids at his daughter's school an unexpected treat when he turned up for 'show and tell' with a FIVE FOOT ALLIGATOR he had recently captured. The officer, named as David Brady thought he had taken every possible precaution, he even went as far as taping the animal's mouth shut. But he didn't reckon on the reptile's desire for freedom, for, no sooner had Brady loaded the alligator back into his truck, than the rasckally reptile literally jumped off and ran away. Wildlife experts later located the wayward creature in a local pond but were unable to re-capture the creature who is still at large. A description of the animal reads as follows; A five foot alligator, colour green, mouth taped shut( that's if the beastie hasn't managed to un-tape itself), last seen on the lam.