With barely a week to go to Halloween, you could be forgiven for not even noticing it here. There are garish orange decorations hanging in the windows, no jack-o'lanterns glowing outside front doors-with the exception of my door, my pumpkin has been carved and lit for over a week now-. The countless bags of cheap sweets for trick or treating that you see in every English and American store are missing here. People in Poland do not celebrate Halloween. They opted instead to observe the much more sombre and religious All Saints Day on the following day. polish businesses are slowly waking up to the fact that there is money to be made from Halloween and as a result, this year for the first time scary costumes started showing up in the big hypermarkets shelves, along with a few pumpkin candles and witches hats. One group that is going to be celebrating the evening are the folks at English Is Cool who are busy making preparations for an all out fancy dress bash at Strzegona. There will be apple dunking contests, musical chairs, candy apples and a crazy band. with well over one hundred people expeted to attend it should make for a great party night. Have a Spooktastic Halloween guys, have a lot of fun and read this report next week for updates and gossip.
                                                                                                           Your Local Roving News Reporter