Cafe London in Strzegom

Coming soon!

November 25, 2010
George and his adventures part two is due out on 20th December, 2010.
Extinct is due out early in March 2011
Fearless is due out in June 2011
and Teaching Children from the Heart by the ESL teachers is due out 15th December 2010.

A sneak preview of "Extinct!"

August 1, 2010
What follows is a preview of the prologue of my new story "Extinct!" (working title). I hope you enjoy it!

The eagles soar, gliding easily through the air in ever decreasing circles,

Like the ripples on the surface of a pond after a pebble’s been thrown.

The summer sun paints hazy, wavy lines on the rim of the horizon.

The eagles close in on their prey. My inadequate human eyes fail to spot any movement, except my own. But the huge birds do and they swoop, faster than my eye can follow ...

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“The Little Town with a Heart of Stone”

October 25, 2009

“The Little Town with a Heart of Stone”



Having been born in a small provincial town in Portugal, I soon forgot the slow pace and rhythmic way of life of my birthplace. When, as a small boy, my family moved, first to Lisbon and then to Europe’s busiest and most vibrant city, London.

There it was that I grew up, lived three or four lives in the space of one, living life at a frenetic pace, h...

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