“Sock Dimension”

A poem by Frank Letras, 20th July 2010

It’s a well known fact,

That there is another dimension,

Where socks and gloves disappear to,

Just to cause a bit of tension.

I’ve never done some laundry

When I didn’t lose a sock.

No matter how often this happens

It’s always a bit of a shock.

Every time I do the washing,

I always take great care,

But the result is always the same,

A sock without a pair.

And socks are not the only problem.

“What of gloves?” I ask.

Try finding a pair on a cold day,

Almost an impossible task.

I wish the great minds of today

Would help me solve this mystery,

I’ve thought about it a million times

And only have one theory.

There must be an alternate universe

Where socks and gloves go.

They live ‘hand in foot’ together

This is just something I know.

There, they live in harmony

With fridge magnets and cigarette lighters,

If I could find this universe

I’m sure my future would be brighter.

Every time I lose something

My mind goes in a fog,

Like when I lost a shoe recently,

But that I blame on the dog.