“If you could utter just one phrase”

A poem by Frank Letras 16th July 2010

Should the world end tomorrow

What on this Earth would you do?

Would you wallow in misery and sorrow?

Or leave a testament strong and true?

If you could utter just one phrase

That the whole world could hear

Would you start another craze?

Or fill humanity with fear?

If you could change the Earth

What would be your legacy?

Would you leave something of worth?

Or would it be lost to history?

Would your voice heard round the world

Speak in wise and unforgettable words?

Or would it simply sound absurd?

And soon forgotten afterwards?

If you held a grain of sand

And eternity in your hand

Would you know it? Would you blow it?

Would you even understand?

If all the great minds on the planet

Suddenly deferred to you

Would you be nothing but a gannet?

With a selfish point of view?