Stilt walkers and clowns

Approach as the circus tours

Ragtags in glad rags

Saltimbacos and troubadors.

Musicians from a bygone age

Poets of a different class

Fat ladies with beards

Stare at me as they pass.

History’s story tellers

Muscle bound town criers

Organ grinders and chimps

Handing out their fliers.

Carts carrying food

And wagons carrying stores

Stilt walkers and freaks

Saltimbancos and troubadors.

Ring masters in sequins

Trapeze artists and a unicorn

Tattooed ladies and lion tamers

And kids selling popcorn.

Marionettes and elephants

And even a midget clown

All advertise their wares

As the circus hits town.

I watch as they come past me

Noisily in twos and fours

And look forward to seeing

Saltimbancos and troubadors.