“ Any Poet Worth his Salt”

A poem by Frank Letras, 24th July 2010


Any poet worth his salt,

Can bring emotions to a halt,

With a stroke of the pen.

Self critical, analytical, but only now and then.

A poet strives to make you laugh or cry,

Understanding the reasons why,

The readers feel as they do,

He writes, steady and true,

With only the briefest of pauses,

His effects preceding his causes,

And his mind in utter turbulence,

He paints without pretence,

And draws without attention,

Seeking solace and redemption,

For the wrong that his creation,

Might have wrought upon others,

Parents, friends and brothers,

Who together make a gaggle

Pressgang, bully and haggle,

All for a little more time,

To read the poet’s rhyme,

And bring their emotions to a halt

A scenario that only happens when any poet’s worth his salt.