You used to hear "Only in America" a fair bit when I lived in the UK. But you could be forgiven for changing it to "Only In England" these days.
The following story comes to you courtesy of the London Metro...

World Snail Racing Championship ends in triumph for least slow snail

Given the race course was only 13 inches long, and the competitors were literally moving at a snail's pace, you could be forgiven for thinking this was a sporting event almost as boring as golf. But the World Snail Racing Championship was a tense affair.

In the end, Sidney the snail triumphed against his rivals at the annual championships in Congham, Norfolk, crossing the finishing line in an unhurried three minutes 41 seconds to claim the title.

Around 200 competitors gathered in Congham for the event, held during the village fete.

Sidney's proud owner - 62-year-old Claire Lawrence of Litcham - was a first-time entrant. She took home the top prize of a silver tankard filled with lettuce.

Organiser Hilary Scase said 'Claire said she was absolutely overwhelmed by the snail race and all her preparation and training has been worth it.'

Farmer Neil Riseborough, racemaster and trainer to the snail championships, started the contest in the traditional way by calling: 'Ready, steady, slow.'

A snail race (not the snail race in question, just a snail race)
See what I mean?!