I was not impressed by the statement of forgiveness issued by the mother of a dead soldier to the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, for having wrongly spelled her son's name in a letter of condolence. It's not that i think forgiving is wrong, on the contrary i think it helps in the healing process. And it isn't as if the misspeling fiasco surpised me. It is little more than I would expect from a bumbling politician. What really shocked me was the backing Mr. Brown received from the British War Widows Association. A statement in which they proclamed that the prime minister taking the time to write a personal letter of condolence to a dead soldier's family was a wonderful gesture. Well Stone The Crows! What else is he good for? He shouldn't just write a personal letter of condolence, he should go on bended knee to each and every family and assure them that every possible measure is being taken to stop young men dying in this god forsaken war. In fact the entire Britsh political establishment should beg forgiveness for sending so many young brave kids to their deaths. As for Mr. Brown and his crocodile tears to stave off yet another political scandal, he should perhaps, since he has taken some precious time to write, maybe check a little more carefully what a person's name is before sealing the envelope...
Or maybe he should just leave it as... "Sorry Mrs Whatsname for the loss of your hmm.. son Whatchamacallit."
As for the widows association, may I humbly suggest a little less brown nosing? What a load of codswallop!

                          report by Frank