See? All the 'best' people are playing "Who Wants to be a Millionaire"
So, if you want to be a millionaire, why don't you give the quiz below a try?

                                                    $100                                                 $200                                                                                                                                                                                                     
What season is this?                    What is English for Wiewio'rka?
a- Summer                                                   a- Rabbit
 b- Autumn                                                    b- Bear  
    c- Spring                                                        c- Squirrel
    d- Winter                                                     d- Wolf

$300                                                                 $500
What is "Bzydula Ula" called in English?            What channel shows "Ben 10"?
a- Ugly Jenny                                                   a-Cartoon Network
b- Ugly Betty                                                               b- Disney
c- Ugly Benny                                                            c- Jettix
d- Ugly Iwona                                                             d- MTV

$1000                                                    $2000
Who sings "Pokonam Siebie"?                    What is the English for Papuga?
a- Phil                                                  a- Pony
b- Feel                                                   b- Pitbull
c- Michael Jackson                                  c- Parrot
d- AC/DC                                               d- Porcupine

$4000                                                      $8000
What is Diners Club?                                     What is a coronary?
a- Credit Card                                               a- King's birthday
b- A group of cooks                                        b- A heart attack
c- A cooking programme                                   c- King's coronation
d- Football team                                          d- King's funeral

$16000                                            $32000
What do Americans call, what the English call 'pavement'?   What was the old currency of Spain?
a- Path                                                               a- Peso
b- Pavement                                                         b- Escudo
c- Sidewalk                                                         c- Lira
d- All of the above                                               d- Peseta

$64000                                                 $125000
What is unique about the word QUEUE        What is special about the word ALMOST?
a- most vowels in English                                          a- most letters in alphabetical order
b- least vowels in English                                         b- least letters in alphabetical order
c- sounds the same if you take away the last 4 letters       c- most vowels in English
d- most double vowels                                                  d- least vowels in English

$250000                                       $500000
Which is the only planet not named after a god?  Which is the only bird that can see the colour blue?
a- Pluto                                                             a- Parrot
b- Saturn                                                         b- Owl
c- Earth                                                               c- Eagle
d- Uranus                                                            d- Chicken

Who Won the Battle of Hohenfriedberg in Strzegom in 1745?
a- Frederick the Great
b- King George II
c- Ivan the Terrible
d- Catherine the Great 

If you want to know how you did you will have to come back!
Answers will be published next week!